The We Age hosts conversations and workshops to help conscious women (and men) become limitless in their personal lives and careers. Our conversations assemble the most inspiring female leaders in neuroscience, business and wellness to explore topics around traits that have become de-prioritized but need to be nourished like creativity, resilience, meaning, purpose, abundance, kindness, etc.. Our workshops go deep into how these topics effect our brain, self and behavior. The intent is to share tools for how we can each become limitless and positively impact the world. We want to shift the paradigm so that things like wage gaps, burnout, #metoo, imbalance are no longer the norm but things like courage, compassion and connections are.
Topics have included: Abundant Thinking, Empowered Power, Imperfectly Perfect, Finding Your Purpose. For self-reflection, journals are available here.

Cheryl Hills, 1.11 Abundant Thinking @ The Assemblage

Dr. Wendy Suzuki speaks with Kim Kaupe and Lisa Levine at 1.11 Abundant Thinking @ The Assemblage. Photo by Cheryl Hills.

So important for conscious leaders to have a place to connect. The audience at 1.11 Abundant thinking @ The Assemblage. Photo by Cheryl Hills.

5.11 speakers @ Arlo Hotel Soho including Dr. Meg Poe, Nitika Chopra and Phoebe Lapine. Photo by Arlo.

Women having an opportunity to connect and inspire @ Arlo Hotel 5.11.

Women having an opportunity to connect and inspire @ Arlo Hotel 5.11.

The gorgeous meditation room @ Inscape for our 3.5 event on Empowered Power. Photo by Inscape.

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